Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Congratulations on a very successful performance last night:

“Bonse Aba” - great opener, particularly effective as a processional (with special lighting effects!)

“Missa Luba” - the best it has EVER been.

“St. Francis” truly ROCKED - even though I was too paranoid to MOVE on that platform! All of the soloists did an outstanding job.

“Village” - well, that was just a whole lot a fun.

My sincerest thanks to Dr. Jason Koontz and all of the fantastic percussionists, and the choirs from George Rogers Clark HS (Greg Bruce, director), Madison Southern HS (Letha Hembree, director), and Model Laboratory HS (Betsy Grise, director) for the investment of their time and energy for this proram. IT TAKES A VILLAGE!