Friday, May 17, 2019

Choir: The Core of Who We Are

"This is the core of who we are and what we need to be." -- Eric Whitacre

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Notice regarding Deck the Halls traffic on Friday

If you are planning to attend Friday's performance of Deck the Halls, please note that the Richmond City Christmas Parade is also scheduled for this Friday. All roads from Lancaster Avenue (starting at Eastern Bypass) will be closed to all traffic beginning at 6:30 PM. We recommend an early arrival, so you can be off the streets and parked prior to the road closure. Pre-show entertainment will be provided by the EKU Trumpets beginning at 6:15 PM. If you would like to change your tickets to Saturday, please call 859-622-3266. Please know that we cannot guarantee the same seating arrangements. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


All choirs will meet on Wednesday, August 22. 
Please make sure you are registered for the correct ensemble(s).

Kelli Evans
Haley Sizemore
Bekah Knight
Natalie Price

Alana Cavasos
Katie Cornett
Autumn DeLong
Reanne Melhorn

Zach Yates

Michael Beasley
Isaac Brooks
Cory Fee

Madelynne Banderman
Brandi Blakeman
Kelli Evans
Suzanne Gayle
Lindsey Helton
Bekah Knight
Kasara Miller
Natalie Price
Haley Sizemore
Tori Sizemore

Alana Cavasos
Alissa Cole
Katie Cornett
Autumn DeLong
Jillian Gayle
Reanne Melhorn
Julien Miller
Danielle Norman
Zaida Scheff
Katelyn Smith
Darien Wood

Joseph Byrd
Brian Lewis
John Meador
Roman Swain
Buddy Tyree
Zach Yates

Isaac Brooks
Connor Daniels
Jeffrey D. Drummond
Cory Fee
Ben Howell
Joe Moore
Roy Siebeneicher
Russell Thomas

CONCERT CHOIR (MUS 225/425/825)
Amos, Sydney 
Banderman, Madelynne
Banderman, Marie 
Barbour, Madison 
Blakeman, Brandi 
Byrd, Joseph 
Cheng, Meredith 
Cole, Alissa K.
Connelly, Jordan 
Cravens, Thomas 
Cundiff, Dylan L.
Dixon, Dalton M.
Doll, Sydney M.
Drummond, Jeffrey D.
Evans, Kelli H.
Ford, Shelby A.
Fulz, Ariel
Gover, Laura I.
Griffin, Ciera N.
Hall, Noah
Hamrick, Mary Clay
Hannah, Madi Brooke
Hartsell, Sierra 
Herald, Abigail 
Johnson, Derek 
Keene, Garrett 
Kern, Adam 
Layton, Emily 
Legg, Beth
Little, Ashlee 
Martin, Molly 
Meador, John 
Menes, Oriana 
Miller, Julien
Miller, Kasara 
Mills, Adam 
Mitchell, Chloe 
Naugle, Alexis 
Noble, Samm
Norman, Danielle
Norris, Kathy
Nystrom, Hannah 
Pierce, Anastasia
Ramsay, Heather 
Robbins, Heidi
Roberts, Amie 
Robinson, Joel 
Robinson, William 
Rynerson, Grace
Sanchez, Elexis 
Scheff, Zaida
Sizemore, Tori
Smith, Lydia 
Thomas, Russell
Tyra, Lauren 
Vaughn, Abby 
Witherington, Sarah 
Wood, Darien