Thursday, October 23, 2014

U.SINGERS: inauguration reminders


Arrive by 1:45 pm if at all possible. Parking at the EKU Center will not be available. You may either park at Alumni Coliseum, or walk from campus (recommended).

2:00-3:00 pm Rehearsal

We will have one of the large dressing rooms in the basement available as a “hang-out” area in between the rehearsal and the beginning of the ceremony. We will not have separate rooms for men and women, so you will need to use a restroom if you do not arrive in concert attire.

ATTIRE: tux/dress

4:20 pm line-up backstage

Much like we do at commencement, we will sing My Old Kentucky Home near the beginning of the ceremony, and the Alma Mater at the very end of the ceremony. We will exit the stage after My Old Kentucky Home. You will have the option of watching the ceremony (very quietly) from backstage, or going back downstairs to our dressing room until it is time to go back out for the Alma Mater.

The ceremony is scheduled to conclude at 6:00 pm