Friday, November 16, 2012

U.SINGERS notes/reminders for Friday

Notes from last night:

1.       Yay for being on time (EARLY). Thank you.
2.       Yay for having measure numbers written in the Copland
3.       COPLAND mvt 3: don’t rush the 16th notes
4.       COPLAND mvt 4: “tis the” – taste the consonants
5.       COPLAND mvt 4: m. 17 – mp
6.       COPLAND mvt 5: more consonants for animal names: CaT, PiG, wiFe…
7.       RVW mvt 1: “consort” – more “k” sound
8.       RVW mvt 1: p. 10 can still be softer
9.       RVW mvt 2: Turn to p. 13 (sing p. 12 memorized)
10.   RVW mvt 3: Turn to p. 18
11.   RVW mvt 5: 1 measure before B is late/sluggish

Reminders for tonight:

1.       Bring your music
2.       Arrive in your concert attire (tux/dress)
3.       Plan for extra travel time tonight due to basketball game traffic
4.       Warm-up will be in the RECITAL HALL (follow the signs)
5.       Immediately after the concert, you need to return to the Recital Hall to turn in your Copland score. There will be different boxes for each school. Make sure your score goes in the EKU box.
6.       Be awesome.